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08:00 - 16:30

5 October 2017

The 2017 annual Food Packaging Forum (FPF) workshop features high profile speakers and provides an ideal platform for engaging in inspiring discussions with different stakeholders. As a novelty, the FPF will provide access to a live webcast of this year’s workshop for a minimal registration fee. Participants who cannot attend the workshop in person, may thus still follow the speaker presentations, Q&As, and the podium discussion. Register now for the live webcast of this unique event in the food contact materials (FCMs) world to get up to speed on recent developments in science, business, advocacy, and regulation! Please register before September 28, 2017 – availability of webcast access is limited.

The webcast will be accessible using Skype for Business software. For optimum performance, we recommend installing this software (Windows download or Mac download).

08:00Registration and coffee
Morning session
Chair: Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer
09:00Welcome and introduction
Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer, Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland
09:05Scientific challenges in the risk assessment of FCMs: Work of the FPF Scientific Advisory Board
Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer
09:30Measuring migration from FCMs: Scientific and practical challenges
Dr. Eddo Hoekstra, EU Joint Research Centre, Italy
10:00Printed paper and board: Priority setting strategy for toxicological assessment
Melissa Van Bossuyt, Scientific Institute of Public Health and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
10:30Coffee break
11:00Recent advances in accumulation and effects of MOSH in rats - an overview
Dr. Jean-Pierre Cravedi, INRA, France, and EFSA CEF Panel
11:30Application of bioassays for packaging safety evaluation
Dr. Benoit Schilter, Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland
12:00Why good science is not value-free
Dr. Karim Bschir, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
12:30Lunch break
Afternoon session
Chair: Prof. Dr. Pete Myers
13:30The reform of Chinese legislation for FCMs and the challenges for compliance
Dr. Marco Zhong, National reference laboratory for food contact materials, China
Podium: Ensuring the safety of FCMs in a global economy
14:00Packaging safety challenges: Supply chain communication
James Huang, The Coca-Cola Company, USA
14:15Communication in the supply chain and the influence on compliance assessment
Kris Callaert, Viaware, the Netherlands
14:30Independent third-party testing labs: What role can and should they play in enforcing FCM regulations?
Dr. Thomas Gude, SQTS, Switzerland
14:45Using new scientific knowledge to update regulations in the U.S.
Dr. Maricel Maffini, independent consultant, USA
15:00Coffee break
15:30Podium and discussion
Moderated by Dr. Jane Muncke, Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Pete Myers and Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer