Information about PAAs in printing inks

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment answers frequently asked questions about printing inks and primary aromatic amines in FCMs, recommends setting individual lowered migration limits for carcinogenic PAAs

Public consultation on marine microplastic pollution

EU Commission launches public consultation on policy options to reduce microplastics entering the oceans; consultation open to all citizens until October 16, 2017

Scientific statement on obesity

Endocrine Society issues statement on causes of obesity, highlights biological process governing weight stability, calls for more research on factors influencing obesity such as endocrine disruptors

Survey on use of recycled plastic

European Plastics Converters Association launches survey on recycled plastics use in Europe; survey open to all European plastic converters until end of September 2017

Final TSCA framework rules published

U.S. EPA issues final rules on prioritization, risk evaluation, and inventory of chemicals under revised TSCA; scope of risk assessment for first 10 high-priority substances defined

EFSA updates independence policy

EFSA publishes revised independence policy including new elements to avoid conflicts of interest; NGO remains critical of EFSA’s ties to food industry

Chemical metabolism in young and elderly

Scientists review studies demonstrating differences in drug pharmacokinetics between young and elderly people; recommend use of varying uncertainty factors for acceptable daily exposure calculations due to sensitivity differences

Plastics additives in marine environment

Scientists review occurrence and effects of plastics additives in marine environment; focus on brominated flame retardants, nonylphenols, bisphenol A, antioxidants

Obesity and chemicals

Scientists analyze NHANES data from 1971-2008, find changing relationship between caloric intake, physical activity, and obesity; suggest additional factors, such as chemical exposure, may contribute to obesity epidemic

Chinese draft standard for composite FCMs

Chinese National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials issues draft standard for composite FCMs; consultation period open until July 16, 2017