Plastic-eating worms – a solution to pollution?

Scientific report on wax moth caterpillars munching polyethylene bags sparks hope for new solution to plastic pollution; closer look highlights long way ahead of transition from discovery to practice

EU Parliament comments on EFSA’s independence policy

European Parliament criticizes EFSA’s draft independence policy; calls on EFSA to introduce comprehensive cooling-off period for experts, consider research funding among assessed interests, apply policy consistently to all staff

FPF webinar on Chinese FCM regulation: Video online + 2nd event announced

Food Packaging Forum held webinar on food contact materials regulation in China on April 25, 2017; video recording now available; part 2 webinar scheduled for May 18, 2017

ECHA: 2016 SVHC roadmap report

ECHA releases annual report on progress in identifying substances of very high concern; calls on companies to improve REACH registration data to assess chemicals’ hazards and risks; will focus more on groups of structurally similar substances

EFSA reevaluation of BPA: 8th and 9th meeting

EFSA’s CEF Panel Working Group on BPA assessment protocol holds eighth and ninth meeting on the reevaluation of BPA safety; meeting minutes available online

EU Commission taking action on FCMs

NGO CHEM Trust outlines European Commission’s ongoing and upcoming activities to improve regulation of food contact materials

EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 16th meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

London considers bottle deposit return scheme

Mayor of London to present proposals on reducing food, drink, and packaging waste in upcoming environment strategy; supports access to tap water and considers deposit return scheme for plastic bottles

No agreement yet on EDC criteria

EU Commission and Member States continue discussion on EDC criteria; no agreement reached yet; new revised draft and next meeting foreseen

Colloquium on safety of food packaging

Society of Toxicology and FDA hold colloquium on safety assessment of food packaging and other food contact substances on May 23, 2017 in Maryland, U.S.; registration open until May 15, 2017