Focus on plastic pollution

As microplastics are increasingly found in waters, lands and organisms, governments, businesses and institutions take action on single-use plastics

How to avoid exposure to BPA?

Article in The Guardian discusses health risks associated with bisphenol A and ways to reduce exposure from food packaging

Reducing perchlorate in food

Communication by German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment addresses perchlorate in food, calls for reduction of perchlorate levels in food, omits intentional use in FCMs as significant exposure source

EFSA assesses 2 more PET recycling processes

EFSA’s CEF Panel considers PET made from recycling processes ‘EstPak Plastik’ and ‘Concept Plastic Packaging’ safe for use in food contact articles for all types of foodstuffs under certain conditions

Current opinion on micro- and nanoplastics

Thematic journal issue on micro- and nanoplastics addresses sources, fate, human health and environmental effects, sampling methods, research needs

Alternative plasticizers adipogenic in vitro

Several alternative plasticizers used in FCMs shown to promote lipid accumulation in vitro; direct activation of PPARγ suggested as a possible mechanism

Assessing risks of hydrophobic chemicals

Scientists argue that water-focused assessment schemes may misjudge risks of hydrophobic chemicals; sediments, particles, exposure through diet additionally play an important role; contribution of microplastics and nanoplastics uncertain but likely low

Webinar on retailers’ safer chemicals policies

Chemical Watch holds webinar on Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families’ annual ranking of retailers’ actions to reduce toxic chemicals in their products, February 23, 2018

PFASs linked to weight gain

New study by Harvard scientists finds association between higher PFASs blood levels and greater weight gain after dieting; high PFASs levels also linked to low resting metabolic rates

CEF Panel: 73rd plenary meeting

EFSA’s CEF Panel discusses plastic recycling processes and new mandates for evaluating food contact substances at 73rd plenary meeting held January 23-25, 2018