EDCs and breast cancer

Article in U.S. News reports on the role of endocrine disruptors such bisphenol A in developing breast cancer, recommends reducing exposure and calling on governments to take action

More evidence on hazard potential of BPA and BPS

Endocrine Society highlights 3 scientific studies investigating effects of bisphenol A and its common substitute bisphenol S on body weight, liver development, and breast cancer

Evidence on BPA’s ubiquity and low-dose effects

New study reviews and substantiates ubiquitous occurrence of bisphenol A in the environment and adverse health effects from low-dose exposures to it

New approach to remove BPA from water

Researchers develop catalysts that efficiently and quickly eliminate bisphenol A from water by inducing non-reversible oligomerization or complete degradation of the molecule

Japan updates hazard classifications of TiO2 and BPA

Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation issues new and revised GHS classifications of chemicals; separate entries for titanium dioxide nanoparticles and non-nanoform; severity of bisphenol A’s reprotoxicity classification increased

High throughput in vitro testing of BPA analogues

Scientists analyze estrogen- and androgen-like properties of BPA analogues using cell-based high throughput microscopy-employing tests; demonstrate anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic properties of TMBPF

Workshop on BPA hazard assessment protocol

EFSA opens registration for stakeholder workshop on BPA hazard assessment protocol to be held in Brussels on September 14, 2017 following the closure of the currently-running public consultation

BPA in cans from ethnic stores

Center for Environmental Health provides information on BPA presence in coatings of cans sold in small ethnic stores in U.S.; finds BPA in coatings of over 90% of surveyed cans; calls for listing of these products in California’s Proposal65 database on BPA

PFHxS added to Candidate List

European Chemicals Agency adds perfluorohexane-1-sulfonic acid and its salts (PFHxS) to candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHC); updates entries for BPA and four phthalates to include endocrine disrupting properties for human health

RIVM: Annual report 2016 online

Dutch institute for public health and environment (RIVM) publishes annual report 2016