Obesity increased tenfold in children and teens

New WHO study finds worldwide rise in childhood and teen obesity between 1975 and 2016; NGO discusses metabolic disruptors as contributing factor to obesity epidemic

ANSES: Not enough data on TMBPF

ANSES finds insufficient data to conclude on the potential endocrine disrupting properties of tetramethylbisphenol F (TMBPF), a bisphenol A alternative

‘Sippy cups’ in draft EU ban on BPA in FCMs

EU Commission adds ‘sippy cups’ to its draft proposal for ban on BPA in plastic FCMs intended for use by babies and young children

Responses to draft regulation on BPA in FCMs

NGOs respond to public consultation, propose to ban BPA in all FCMs that could be used by children, suggest that regulation should cover additional types of FCMs like paper and card

EFSA reevaluation of BPA: 11th meeting

EFSA’s CEF Panel Working Group on BPA assessment protocol holds eleventh meeting on the reevaluation of BPA safety; meeting minutes available online

Danish retailer pushes for ban on PFASs and bisphenols

Coop Denmark launches campaign on ‘cocktails’ of hazardous chemicals in consumer products, urges Danish government to ban per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and bisphenols in food contact materials

Priority substances for EU biomonitoring project

Stakeholder NGOs and industry groups nominate priority substances for European Human Biomonitoring Initiative; deadline for nomination is September 2017

Focus on ‘BPA-free’ products

Article discusses common BPA substitutes and whether products labeled ‘BPA-free’ are safer

Public consultation on 9 new SVHCs

ECHA opens public consultation on proposals for 9 substances of very high concern, including BPA as environmental endocrine disruptor; deadline for comments is October 20, 2017

EFSA: Systematic review of BPA literature

Scientists and research organizations comment on EFSA’s protocol for the safety reassessment of bisphenol A; full report on public consultation to be published end of 2017