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BPA and analogues in paper and board

Scientists measure BPA and its analogues BPAF, BPB, BPE, BPF, BPS in virgin and recycled paper/board products; detect all but BPAF and BPB; BPA and BPS highest in recycled products, BPF and BPE content comparable

Estrogenic activity of BPA alternatives

Study assesses estrogenicity of bisphenol A and 6 bisphenol analogues in human breast cancer cell model; all bisphenols show estrogenic activity; 3 bisphenols more potent than BPA

Bisphenols in coating of soda cans

Danish consumer council finds BPA, BPF and BADGE in coating lacquers of soda cans

BPA and BADGE in coconut milk cans

Five Nordic consumer organizations find BPA and BADGE in coating lacquer of coconut milk cans, but BPF and BPS were not detected

Coop Denmark to remove many chemicals of concern

Retailer Coop Denmark phases out 12 substances or groups of chemicals of concern from its own-brand products by the end of 2017

Are BPA analogues safe?

Scientists review data on exposure to and toxicity of bisphenol A (BPA) analogues BPAF, BPB, BPF, and BPS; highlight similar actions and increasing environmental presence of alternatives; call for comprehensive comparative analysis

Focus on BPA analogues

Recent studies investigate effects of bisphenol A analogues such as BPS and BPF, reveal similar endocrine disrupting effects of analogues in cell lines and whole organisms

BPA in Danish tomato cans

Danish consumer council finds BPA in lacquer of cans containing peeled tomatoes; alternatives BPF and BPS not detected in BPA-free cans

Bisphenol F disrupts thyroid endocrine system

Study shows bisphenol F disrupts hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis and leads to body length reduction in zebrafish larvae

Non-BPA cans

Food company ConAgra removes BPA from its cans; non-profit organizations raise concern over safety of BPA-replacements and ask for removal of BPA from all food packaging

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