EU plastics strategy published

European Commission adopts EU-wide strategy for plastics in the circular economy, aims to make all plastic packaging recyclable, reduce single-use plastics, ban intentional microplastics

WRAP and Ellen MacArthur to tackle plastics in UK

Ellen MacArthur Foundation and UK’s Waste and Resources Action Program announce initiative to tackle plastics in the UK; focus on plastic packaging; aim to eliminate single-use plastics, boost recycling, mobilize citizens

A single polymer for food packaging?

UK retailer Marks and Spencer considers using only one polymer group for plastic food packaging to improve recyclability; PET and PEF possible options

EU legislation on waste

Council of the European Union and EU Parliament provisionally agree on EU Commission’s proposals for revision of EU waste legislation; introduce new binding targets for packaging waste recycling, define requirements for extended producer responsibility

PET collection and recycling growing in Europe

Nearly 60% of PET bottles on European market collected for recycling in 2016, according to Petcore Europe report; detailed survey results to be discussed at 2018 Petcore Europe conference

EU plastics industry commits to circular economy

European plastic industry associations support re-use and recycling goals of EU Commission’s Circular Economy Package, call for separate collection of packaging waste

Conference: Sustainability in packaging

Smithers Pira held “Sustainability in Packaging Europe” event on October 24-26, 2017 in Barcelona; speakers addressed plastic and packaging waste, packaging design, food waste, packaging machinery, and food brands’ activities

New technology for chemical recycling of PET

EU-funded project DEMETO develops industrial-scale process to chemically break down PET to its building blocks and reintroduce them at the virgin-grade production stage

Event: Different materials in the circular economy

European Glass Container Industry celebrates 40th anniversary and hosts event to discuss material-strategy of circular economy with experts, December 5, 2017 in Brussels

Conference: PET in the circular economy

Petcore Europe holds annual conference on February 7-8, 2018 in Brussels; focus on strategies for PET in the circular economy; registration now open