Information on chemicals in products for clean circular economy

NGOs respond to EU Commission consultation on chemicals, products and waste in the circular economy; call for EU information system disclosing substances of concern in products

PepsiCo to redesign packaging

PepsiCo joins program to boost recycling rates in the U.S., invests in redesigning its food packaging and using recoverable and recyclable materials

Ongoing efforts to prevent plastic pollution

Pacific island Vanuatu to ban single-use plastic bags and bottles to prevent ocean pollution; Press of Atlantic City calls on visitors and residents of New Jersey shoreline to reduce use of plastic convenience items

Chemicals and waste in the circular economy

Waste management industry and NGO CHEM Trust respond to EC consultation, discuss which EU restrictions should apply to chemicals in recycled materials

Public consultation on marine microplastic pollution

EU Commission launches public consultation on policy options to reduce microplastics entering the oceans; consultation open to all citizens until October 16, 2017

Survey on use of recycled plastic

European Plastics Converters Association launches survey on recycled plastics use in Europe; survey open to all European plastic converters until end of September 2017

Live: Ellen MacArthur Foundation summit 2017

Ellen MacArthur Foundation holds annual summit on the circular economy on June 15, 2017 in London, UK; event can be followed via live stream

First global forum on circular economy

Article in The Guardian highlights advantages of a circular economy, informs about World Circular Economy Forum held June 5-7, 2017 in Helsinki, Finland

New German packaging law

German parliament passes new packaging law aiming to increase recycling and prevention of packaging waste; law enters into force January 1, 2019

Detecting WEEE contamination in recycled FCM plastics

Scientists propose procedure for detection of contaminants from waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) in FCMs made of recycled plastics; call for regular screening to be performed by authorities to ensure compliance