“Should I worry about plastics?”

BBC2 report investigates chemical exposure from plastic food packaging and consults with leading toxicologists; likely no concern for average adults; reducing plastic use recommended

Children exposed to lead from water and food

Formula-fed infants and toddlers in U.S. exposed to lead mainly from water and food, respectively, according to new report by Environmental Protection Agency

Population-level effects of toxic chemicals

Article by Silent Spring Institute discusses exposure to toxic chemicals and outlines how small influences on the health of individuals can translate into significant negative impacts on public health as a whole

Summary on estrogenic chemicals and reproductive health

PLOS Biology article highlights reproductive health impacts of estrogenic chemicals such as bisphenol A, its analogues, and phthalates

Scientific consensus on environmental neurotoxins

Project TENDR consensus statement calls for action against environmental chemicals affecting children’s brains and contributing to disorders such as autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities

Early puberty in girls

The Wall Street Journal discusses early onset of puberty in U.S. girls; obesity and exposure to EDCs considered key factors, according to experts

BPA and hyperactivity in children

New study finds association between higher urinary BPA levels and prevalence of ADHD in U.S. children

EDCs and reproductive aging

Animal study at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark finds perinatal exposure to EDC mixtures leads to earlier reproductive aging in female rats

Food packaging chemicals in ToxCast

Scientists use ToxCast data to prioritize food-relevant chemicals for safety testing; identify obesity- and diabetes-related chemicals, and chemicals affecting growth and development; multiple food contact chemicals found to be active in ToxCast assays

Scientific consensus on chemicals and obesity

International scientists release Uppsala consensus statement agreeing on potential impact of environmental contaminants on metabolism and obesity; call for urgent action to reduce chemical exposure