ECHA verifies REACH registration dossiers

ECHA manually checks completeness of over 1,500 substance dossiers; information on data waiving, substance identity, testing proposals, and chemical safety reports need improvement

Four phthalates recognized as hormone disrupting for humans

EU REACH Committee classifies DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBP as substances of very high concern due to their endocrine disrupting effects in humans

ECHA selects 162 substances for examination

ECHA screening shortlists 162 potentially hazardous substances for further scrutiny by EU Member States; list not publicly available

Member States discuss EDC criteria

DG SANTE publishes latest meeting minutes on revised EDC criteria, summarizes different concerns raised by EU Member States

EFSA seeking stakeholder experts for EDC guidance

EFSA looking for stakeholder experts to consult drafting of guidance on identification of endocrine disruptors; deadline for nominations is January 31, 2017

BPA and 3 more substances added to SVHC list

ECHA includes four new substances of very high concern in Candidate List; bisphenol A listed as reproductive toxicant

Outline of EDC guidance

EFSA and ECHA publish outline of guidance enabling identification of endocrine disruptors; public consultation on draft guidance scheduled for summer 2017

BPA on the list of SVHCs as of 2017

ECHA Member State Committee unanimously agrees on identification of bisphenol A and three other substances as substances of very high concern (SVHCs); substances to be added to SVHC list in January 2017

Case studies on substitution of hazardous chemicals

ECHA publishes two new case studies on replacing per- and polyfluorinated chemicals as well as bisphenols in consumer products

EFSA, ECHA and JRC develop EDC guidance

The European Food Safety Authority and the European Chemicals Agency, together with the EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre, work on guidance for implementing the Commission’s proposed EDC criteria