ECHA classifies BPA as environmental endocrine disruptor

ECHA adds 7 new SVHCs to Candidate List; entry for BPA updated to include endocrine disrupting properties with effects on environment

Restriction proposal for 6 PFASs

Swedish and German agencies propose restricting 6 per- and polyfluorinated substances, as well as mixtures and articles containing them; ECHA opens public consultation until June 20, 2018

BPA an environmental endocrine disruptor

ECHA’s Member States Committee supports Germany’s proposal to classify BPA as substance of very high concern (SVHC) due to endocrine disrupting properties with probable effects in the environment

DCHP and TMA identified as SVHCs

EU REACH Committee classifies dicyclohexyl phthalate and trimellitic anhydride as substances of very high concern; both substances relevant for food contact

Opinion: EDC guidance “doomed to fail”

PAN Europe criticizes draft guidance for identifying endocrine disruptors published by EFSA and ECHA; too much focus on mode of action of chemicals, precautionary principle overlooked, organization claims

RIVM critical of EU nano-observatory

Dutch institute for public health deems EU observatory for nanomaterials “limited in detailed information,” highlights importance of adapting REACH regulation for nanomaterials

Public consultation on draft EDC guidance

EFSA and ECHA publish draft guidance document on identification of endocrine disruptors; public consultation open until January 31, 2018

SIN List more relevant than Candidate List

International Chemical Secretariat states that SIN List is ‘more relevant’ than REACH Candidate List for companies looking to identify chemicals to substitute; exposes ECHA’s insufficient focus on ‘non-registered’ substances, lack of progress on ‘already tackled’ substances

Update: EDC criteria and guidance document

EU Commission publishes regulation on EDC criteria for biocides, to be applied from June 7, 2018; draft guidance to implement EDC criteria expected in early December 2017

ChemSec: SIN List chemicals for Candidate List

International Chemical Secretariat responds to ECHA’s analysis of SIN List, deems current regulatory process too slow, demands adding all SIN List chemicals on SVHC Candidate List for authorization