New EFSA guidance documents for scientific assessments

EFSA’s Scientific Committee publishes new guidance on biological relevance of data and weight of evidence approach in scientific assessments

EFSA: Public consultation on genotoxicity

EFSA opens public consultation on draft opinion regarding genotoxicity evaluation of chemicals in food and feed; comments to be submitted by September 6, 2017

Progress on EDC guidance document

ECHA informs about current status of guidance document for identifying EDCs; public consultation on draft guidance will open after final adoption of EDC criteria by EU Parliament and Council

EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 18th meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

EFSA assesses monomer for polycarbonate FCMs

EFSA’s CEF Panel considers dimethyl carbonate safe for making polycarbonate repeated-use food contact articles, under certain conditions

EFSA assesses 3 more PET recycling processes

EFSA considers PET made from recycling processes ‘Veroniki Ecogrup SRL,’ ‘Märkische Faser,’ and ‘PEGRA-V’ safe for use in food contact articles under certain conditions

EFSA working group on FCMs: 25th meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on FCMs now available online

Reporting requirements for chemicals in food

EFSA publishes two documents describing general and specific reporting requirements for submitting data on occurrence of contaminants and food additives in food

Workshop on BPA hazard assessment protocol

EFSA opens registration for stakeholder workshop on BPA hazard assessment protocol to be held in Brussels on September 14, 2017 following the closure of the currently-running public consultation

EU Member States adopt EDC criteria

EU Member States vote in favor of European Commission-proposed criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in the field of plant protection products; both industry and NGOs view adopted criteria as ‘flawed,’ call on European Parliament to veto the proposal