ECHA classifies BPA as environmental endocrine disruptor

ECHA adds 7 new SVHCs to Candidate List; entry for BPA updated to include endocrine disrupting properties with effects on environment

Opinion: EU not doing enough about toxic chemicals

Op-ed by Swedish chemical scientists criticizes EU’s slow pace of regulating hazardous chemicals, highlights magnitude of health and environmental consequences

EFSA publishes final plan for BPA re-assessment

EFSA publishes BPA hazard assessment protocol along with report on public consultation outcomes; collection of studies to start in 2018

EU Member States adopt revised EDC criteria for pesticides

Member States vote in favor of EU Commission’s new proposal for criteria to identify endocrine disrupting pesticides; exemption for substances with intentional endocrine activity removed; NGOs criticize remaining high burden of proof

Opinion: EDC guidance “doomed to fail”

PAN Europe criticizes draft guidance for identifying endocrine disruptors published by EFSA and ECHA; too much focus on mode of action of chemicals, precautionary principle overlooked, organization claims

Public consultation on draft EDC guidance

EFSA and ECHA publish draft guidance document on identification of endocrine disruptors; public consultation open until January 31, 2018

Global health costs of chemical exposures

New study estimates health costs linked to environmental chemicals may exceed 10% of global GDP; NGO calls for greater prioritization of health and prevention in policy making

EFSA’s BPA reevaluation protocol adopted

EFSA’s CEF Panel holds 72nd plenary meeting, partially open to observers; CEF Panel adopts protocol for safety reassessment of BPA, to start in 2018

New draft of EDC criteria for pesticides

EU Commission publishes new draft regulation on identification criteria for endocrine disruptors in pesticides; draft to be discussed by Member State experts on December 12-13, 2017

Update: EDC criteria and guidance document

EU Commission publishes regulation on EDC criteria for biocides, to be applied from June 7, 2018; draft guidance to implement EDC criteria expected in early December 2017