Antiandrogenic chemicals in food

Scientists review food components and contaminants that can act as (anti)androgens; in vitro-based computational model for interactions with androgen receptor identifies active chemicals in ToxCast dataset

Four phthalates recognized as hormone disrupting for humans

EU REACH Committee classifies DEHP, DBP, BBP, and DIBP as substances of very high concern due to their endocrine disrupting effects in humans

“Should I worry about plastics?”

BBC2 report investigates chemical exposure from plastic food packaging and consults with leading toxicologists; likely no concern for average adults; reducing plastic use recommended

EDC criteria for all types of products

NGOs call for horizontal criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in all types of applications, not just pesticides and biocides; urge EU Commission to redesign its currently proposed EDC criteria

EDC criteria: Latest revision and next meeting

EU Commission publishes latest version of revised criteria to identify endocrine disruptors; NGOs and industry still dissatisfied with proposed criteria; next expert meeting, and possible vote, to be held February 28, 2017

Academic research vs. guideline studies

Article in Science illustrates gap between academic researchers and regulators about scientific evidence use in assessment of chemicals’ health risks

Extranuclear actions of EDCs at low doses

Scientists review molecular mechanisms underlying low-dose actions of estrogenic EDCs, focusing on extranuclear signaling; BPA effects in pancreas and heart mediated through alpha-, beta-, and membrane-associated forms of estrogen receptor

Impact of EDCs on fertility and health

Expert panel discusses health effects of endocrine disruptors at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; video recording available

Live webcast: Experts discuss endocrine disruptors

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health hosts expert panel to discuss latest research on endocrine disrupting chemicals, risk management and regulations today at 12:30pm EST (6:30pm CET); live webcast available

EU working group on FCMs: Latest meeting

EU Commission’s working group on FCMs discusses baseline study on non-harmonized FCMs, EU measure on printed FCMs, information transfer in the supply chain, and draft measure on BPA