Legal options for EDC criteria

Several options exist for EU Commission’s next actions on EDC criteria for pesticides; legal experts see responding to EP’s objection concerning exemption for pesticides with intended endocrine mode of action as the quickest way forward

‘Sippy cups’ in draft EU ban on BPA in FCMs

EU Commission adds ‘sippy cups’ to its draft proposal for ban on BPA in plastic FCMs intended for use by babies and young children

EU urged to authorize recycling for food contact

Industry association Plastics Recyclers Europe calls on EU Commission to officially authorize EFSA-evaluated processes for use of recycled plastics in food contact applications

EU Parliament vetoes EDC criteria

EU Parliament’s vote rejects EU Commission’s proposal for EDC identification criteria for pesticides; asks to remove exemption for the substances with intended endocrine mode of action, deliver new proposal ‘without delay’

Environment MEPs object EDC criteria

European Parliament’s Environment Committee supports objection to EU Commission’s proposal for EDC criteria, highlights unlawful exemptions for compounds with intended endocrine activity, calls on full Parliament to veto criteria proposal

Responses to draft regulation on BPA in FCMs

NGOs respond to public consultation, propose to ban BPA in all FCMs that could be used by children, suggest that regulation should cover additional types of FCMs like paper and card

Public consultation on nanomaterial definition

EU Commission opens feedback period on revision of nanomaterial definition; deadline for comments is October 13, 2017

EU symposium: Nanomaterials in food and FCMs

EU Commission and Member States discuss nanomaterials in food and food contact materials; summary report available

Priority substances for EU biomonitoring project

Stakeholder NGOs and industry groups nominate priority substances for European Human Biomonitoring Initiative; deadline for nomination is September 2017

EC adopts EDC criteria for biocides

EU Commission adopts endocrine disruptor identification criteria for biocides following the endorsement of criteria for pesticides in July 2017