EDCs and breast cancer

Article in U.S. News reports on the role of endocrine disruptors such bisphenol A in developing breast cancer, recommends reducing exposure and calling on governments to take action

More evidence on hazard potential of BPA and BPS

Endocrine Society highlights 3 scientific studies investigating effects of bisphenol A and its common substitute bisphenol S on body weight, liver development, and breast cancer

Surfactants linked to birth defects

New U.S. scientific study associates exposure to quaternary ammonium compounds with transgenerational birth defects in rodents

Evidence on BPA’s ubiquity and low-dose effects

New study reviews and substantiates ubiquitous occurrence of bisphenol A in the environment and adverse health effects from low-dose exposures to it

New approach to remove BPA from water

Researchers develop catalysts that efficiently and quickly eliminate bisphenol A from water by inducing non-reversible oligomerization or complete degradation of the molecule

Steep decline in sperm counts of Western men

New study finds 50-60% decline in sperm counts between 1973 and 2011 among men from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand; authors see declining sperm counts as signal of risk to men’s overall health

French NGOs demand action on nanomaterials

Eight French NGOs send open letter to country’s prime minister calling for labeling and restriction of nanomaterials in consumer products

Assessing low-dose toxicity of EDCs

New report by the National Academies of Sciences presents strategy to evaluate low-dose effects of endocrine active substances, provides systematic reviews for phthalates and PBDEs

Phthalates found in ‘mac and cheese’

Phthalates found in 29 out of 30 tested U.S. cheese products; concentrations higher in processed compared to unprocessed cheeses; highest phthalate content found in powdered cheese from ‘mac and cheese’ ready meals

Reporting requirements for chemicals in food

EFSA publishes two documents describing general and specific reporting requirements for submitting data on occurrence of contaminants and food additives in food