FDA denies action on perchlorates in antistatics

U.S. FDA supports industry petition and revokes use of potassium perchlorate in sealing gaskets for food containers; denies action on NGO petition to revoke perchlorate use in antistatic agents in food contact articles

Hazardous chemicals in the diet

Environmental Defense Fund blog post summarizes potentially dangerous chemicals present in food and food packaging; urges U.S. Congress and FDA to take action

Rising perchlorate in food likely due to packaging

Total diet study by U.S. FDA finds perchlorate levels in food increased in 2008-2012 compared to 2003-2006; NGOs suggest this may be due to perchlorate’s use in food packaging first allowed in 2005; concerns voiced about potential impacts on child development

FDA: Guidance on FCMs in contact with infant food

U.S. FDA publishes draft guidance on substances to come in contact with infant formula and breast milk; comments to be submitted by February 7, 2017

ILSI NA workshop on FCMs

Videos of presentations and panel discussions held at ILSI North America workshop on safety evaluation of FCMs in September 2016 are now available online

FDA bans 2 more perfluorinated substances

Two perfluoroalkyl containing oil and water repellents can no longer be used in paper and board FCMs in the U.S.; petition to FDA claimed the substances’ use has been abandoned

New thermostable food contact plastics

A ‘glass-like’ thermostable copolyester introduced to European market; promoted as alternative to PET, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and glass, particularly for hot-fill applications

Alternative plasticizer approved by EPA

Non-ortho-phthalate plasticizer listed as Safer Choice chemical, approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Report on chemicals in food packaging

U.S. groups Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund publish report on food packaging chemicals; address health hazards and regulatory failures; call for greater transparency to drive changes in the Californian market place

Guidance for polyurethanes in food contact materials

American Chemistry Council issues guidance for the use of polyurethanes in food contact applications; provides overview of relevant rules and regulations