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Hazardous chemicals in the diet

Environmental Defense Fund blog post summarizes potentially dangerous chemicals present in food and food packaging; urges U.S. Congress and FDA to take action

FDA’s GRAS review is efficient

Environmental Defense Fund + Business blog explains FDA’s review procedure for food additives ‘generally recognized as safe’ and highlights importance of FDA safety review to ensure food safety

Final rule on GRAS

U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues final rule on food ingredients ‘generally recognized as safe’; specifies requirements for scientific evidence; notification remains voluntary

Loopholes in U.S. food additives regulation

U.S. Senator questions FDA’s oversight of food and beverage ingredients “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS)

Opinion: FDA reviews needed

Survey finds consumers increasingly value safety and transparency in their food; Tom Neltner argues that meeting these demands necessitates FDA review of all food product ingredients

FDA under fire for food additives oversight

Four NGOs submitted regulatory comment to US FDA to highlight that process for overseeing food additives in US violates law in their opinion

Dirty Dozen of food additives and food contact substances

NGO issues list of most hazardous food additives including food contact materials

Opinion: Glaring loophole in FDA food contact legislation

PolicyMic reports on the National Resources Defense Council report on GRAS, considers GRAS gaping loophole in US food and food contact regulation

Generally Recognized As Secret

Natural Resources Defense Council releases new report on GRAS self-determinations and criticizes lack of public information, calls FDA and Congress to action

GRAS petitions: Trade secrets vs. public disclosure

Food Safety News argues that spotlight on GRAS notification process may shift line between trade secrets and public disclosure

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