Conference report: Towards a non-toxic future

Stakeholder conference held by Danish Ministry delivers recommendations for future EU chemicals regulation; conference report now available

“Should I worry about plastics?”

BBC2 report investigates chemical exposure from plastic food packaging and consults with leading toxicologists; likely no concern for average adults; reducing plastic use recommended

Towards a non-toxic future

Danish Ministry holds expert stakeholder workshop to discuss chemical policy; presentations available online; recommendations made for EU Commission

EFSA: consultation on MixTox project

European Food Safety Authority calls for stakeholder contributions to shaping its new project MixTox aiming to develop a harmonized methodology for risk assessment of chemical mixtures

Adverse health effects of low-dose mixtures

Scientists evaluate health effects of a mixture of 27 environmental chemicals in rats exposed to low concentrations comparable to current human exposure levels; find effects on weight, histology, gene expression in the liver, and metabolome of blood plasma

Carcinogenesis by low-dose chemical mixtures: way forward

Scientists summarize the knowledge on the combined contribution of low-dose chemical exposures to carcinogenesis, identify research gaps, recommend novel methodologies for research and risk assessment

Risk assessment of chemical mixtures

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre reviews risk assessments of chemical mixtures for e.g. pesticides, phthalates, and FCMs; identifies need to address mixtures across chemical classes and legislative sectors

Platform on chemical exposure

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark launches information portal on chemical exposure; special focus on chemical cocktails and endocrine disruptors

Are ‘safe levels’ safe?

Article questions effectiveness of current chemical risk assessment in protecting public health; explains non-monotonic dose response and why it should be considered in assessing chemicals’ toxicity

EFSA: New guidance for priority topics

EFSA’s Scientific Committee identifies priority topics requiring new guidance such as interpretation of epidemiological studies, chemical mixtures, and nanotechnologies