Japan updates hazard classifications of TiO2 and BPA

Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation issues new and revised GHS classifications of chemicals; separate entries for titanium dioxide nanoparticles and non-nanoform; severity of bisphenol A’s reprotoxicity classification increased

French NGOs demand action on nanomaterials

Eight French NGOs send open letter to country’s prime minister calling for labeling and restriction of nanomaterials in consumer products

EU observatory for nanomaterials now online

ECHA launches European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials website; provides information on nanomaterials on the EU market for consumers, workers, regulators, and scientists

ECHA: Guidance on REACH registration of nanomaterials

European Chemicals Agency publishes and updates several guidance documents for REACH registration of nanomaterials

JRC publishes NANoREG project report

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre releases report on the NANoREG framework focusing on a common approach to the safety assessment of nanomaterials

Sweet potato and thyme used for bio-packaging film

U.S. scientists develop nanocomposite film from sweet potato starch, thyme essential oil, and nanoclay; potential applications include packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables

Opinion: Industry should replace titanium dioxide

French food safety agency issues opinion on TiO2 nanoparticles as food additive; recommends further research and limiting exposure of workers, consumers, and environment

Public consultation on Swedish nano-registry

Swedish Chemicals Agency held public consultation on proposed register for nanomaterials; nano-industry association advises against Swedish registry and promotes ECHA nano-observatory

Classification of nanomaterials

JRC and partners of EU project NanoDefine develop strategy for identifying nanomaterials based on particles’ volume specific surface area (VSSA)

Regulation of nanomaterials in the EU

JRC study reviews EU legislation on nanomaterials; summarizes different sectors with nano-specific provisions, such as plastic FCM regulation; more research needed to address regulatory questions