Taiwan: Guidelines on nanomaterials in food packaging

Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration issues new guidelines for use of nanomaterials in food packaging; safety assessment and pre-market approval required

French documentary on nanoparticles in food

Documentary by France 5 highlights use of food additives and what they are made of; special focus on nanoparticles

Fully embedded nanoparticles do not migrate

Scientists review experimental and modeling studies on migration of nanoparticles from food contact plastics; conclude that no migration will occur if nanoparticles are fully embedded in polymer; mechanical stress or damage could lead to increased release

Lack of ‘nano’ in OECD nanomaterials dossiers

NGO-commissioned study finds that OECD’s dossiers on 11 nanomaterials are of ‘little to no value’ in assessing risks; characterization of test materials in most cases ‘insufficient’ to ensure nano-specificity

NGOs demand action on SVHCs

European and international NGOs ask EU REACH Committee to take action on siloxanes, phthalates and nanomaterials

Alternative testing strategies for nanomaterials

New OECD document discusses the use of alternative testing strategies in risk assessment of nanomaterials; makes recommendations to advance the field within coming years

Nanoparticles released by quasi-ceramic pans

Scientists measure release of titanium dioxide particles from non-stick surfaces of quasi-ceramic frying pans; find considerable migration of both ions and particles, partially in nanoform; acidic simulants and scratching accelerate migration

Nanomaterials: Challenges for risk assessment

New book chapter by EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre and Danish scientists reviews feasibility and challenges of human health risk assessment for nanomaterials

Nanoparticles in food linked to cancer

Oral ingestion of titanium dioxide nanoparticles induces abnormal immune responses, preneoplastic lesions in the colon; scientists call for re-evaluation of risks from oral exposure to nanoparticles

U.S. EPA: Final nanomaterials reporting rule

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issues final rule on nanomaterials reporting to come into effect May 2017