Modeling migration of oligomers from PET

Scientists derive diffusion coefficients for PET oligomers under swelling conditions; compare predictions by Piringer and Welle migration models

EU plastic converters discuss risk assessment of FCMs

Food Contact Plastics Seminar highlights NIAS, printing inks, provides regulatory updates

EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 16th meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

Impact of labels, inks and glues on PET recycling

Industry study shows negative effects of incompatible label materials, glues, and inks on the recyclability of PET drinking bottles; impacts on color and clarity of recycled PET

Chemical analysis of bottled waters in France

Scientists analyze French natural mineral waters and spring waters at bottling plants; hormones, pharmaceuticals, phthalates not detected; few samples contain low levels of herbicides, alkylphenols, or PFASs

Long-term migration from PET

Scientists show that for PET bottles accelerated migration tests overestimate real long-term migration; suggest use of migrant- and polymer-specific diffusion parameters instead of default values

Video on sorting of post-consumer plastics

EU research project Polymark releases video presenting its new technology enabling identification and sorting of plastic packaging and consequently improving plastic recycling

Greenpeace survey on plastic bottles

Soft drink companies have limited commitment to reducing single-use plastic bottles, increasing recycled content in PET bottles, considering PET bottles’ contribution to ocean pollution, according to new Greenpeace report

Antimony in food packaging

Scientists measure antimony in plastic consumer products; find antimony in food trays, straws, and single-use drink bottles; presence attributed to its use as a catalyst in PET

The future of the PET industry

Petcore Europe annual conference looks at opportunities and challenges for PET in the circular economy; conference proceedings now available