Phthalate exposure in pregnancy may alter maternal hormone levels

Urinary phthalate metabolites may be associated with altered maternal serum thyroid and sex hormone levels in Puerto Rican mothers

New study: phthalates in PET-bottled water of no risk to children’s health

Iranian researchers investigate phthalate migration from PET bottles into water, estimated phthalate exposure of children via water ingestion extremely low

Phthalate metabolites detected in Chinese school children

Cumulative risks from exposure to multiple phthalates higher for children in manufacturing-intensive locations

Endocrine disrupting properties of DEHP recognized by ECHA

ECHA’s Member State Committee agreed to classify DEHP not only as a reprotoxicant, but also as an endocrine disruptor in the environment

Prenatal phthalate exposure may be linked to lower IQ

Children of mothers with high exposure to DnBP and DiBP shown to have lower IQ levels

Phthalate metabolites found in Korean breast milk

New study finds phthalate metabolites at high frequency in breast milk samples, authors recommend reduction of phthalate exposure

EC urged to reject DEHP authorization in PVC plastic

55 organizations addressed a critical letter to the Commission, DEHP ban in PVC plastic required

Plasticizers linked to oxidative stress

New study associates phthalate exposure to oxidative stress during pregnancy, indicative of a variety of health effects

Chemical substitute linked to incomplete masculinization

New study finds association between prenatal exposure to DiNP and reduced anogenital distance

Significant phthalate exposure from recycling

New study investigates effects of recycling policies on childhood exposure to phthalates, 18% increase in DBP exposure