DEHP may alter male genital development

Prenatal DEHP exposure linked to shorter distance between anus and genitals in boys, shorter anogenital distance may signal reproductive issues later in life

Effects of non-persistent chemicals on human sex selection

Paternal BPA and select phthalate metabolites associated with an excess of female births, contrary shown for maternal preconception exposure

Phthalates: how safe are they?

The Guardian reports on human exposure to phthalates

Phthalate body burden in Chinese children

Researches investigate associations between reported dietary intake and phthalate body burden of 430 school-age children in Shanghai, China

Phthalate exposure linked to type 2 diabetes

Belgian researchers find urinary phthalate metabolites associated with insulin resistance in obese individuals

Prenatal phthalate exposure and pubertal development

Taiwanese study shows prenatal phthalate exposure may delay pubertal development (uterus size, bone age) in girls

EDC exposure and early menopause in US women

New study links exposure to EDCs and earlier age at menopause, 15 EDCs identified for closer evaluation including DEHP metabolites

Phthalate exposure in pregnancy may alter maternal hormone levels

Urinary phthalate metabolites may be associated with altered maternal serum thyroid and sex hormone levels in Puerto Rican mothers

New study: phthalates in PET-bottled water of no risk to children’s health

Iranian researchers investigate phthalate migration from PET bottles into water, estimated phthalate exposure of children via water ingestion extremely low

Phthalate metabolites detected in Chinese school children

Cumulative risks from exposure to multiple phthalates higher for children in manufacturing-intensive locations