Information on chemicals in products for clean circular economy

NGOs respond to EU Commission consultation on chemicals, products and waste in the circular economy; call for EU information system disclosing substances of concern in products

Competitive advantages of sustainable packaging

Opinion article highlights growing demand for sustainable packaging and opportunities for consumer packaged goods industry

PepsiCo to redesign packaging

PepsiCo joins program to boost recycling rates in the U.S., invests in redesigning its food packaging and using recoverable and recyclable materials

Ongoing efforts to prevent plastic pollution

Pacific island Vanuatu to ban single-use plastic bags and bottles to prevent ocean pollution; Press of Atlantic City calls on visitors and residents of New Jersey shoreline to reduce use of plastic convenience items

Conference: Packaging of the future

Zurich University of Applied Sciences holds annual food conference on November 23, 2017 in Wädenswil, Switzerland; future trends and challenges in food packaging to be discussed; registration open until November 8, 2017

Global estimate of plastic production, use and fate

8,300 million tons of plastics produced to date, according to new study; only 9% of plastic waste recycled; 12,000 million tons of plastic waste expected to accumulate in landfills or environment by 2050

EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 18th meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

Coca-Cola to use more rPET

Coca-Cola European Partners launches new sustainable packaging strategy in the UK; aims to increase content of recycled PET in bottles, promote recycling

Chemicals and waste in the circular economy

Waste management industry and NGO CHEM Trust respond to EC consultation, discuss which EU restrictions should apply to chemicals in recycled materials

EFSA assesses 3 more PET recycling processes

EFSA considers PET made from recycling processes ‘Veroniki Ecogrup SRL,’ ‘Märkische Faser,’ and ‘PEGRA-V’ safe for use in food contact articles under certain conditions