FPF webinar on Chinese FCM regulation: Part 2 video online

Food Packaging Forum held second part of webinar on food contact materials regulation in China on May 18, 2017; video recording now available

Updates on global food contact legislation

Global regulatory news and industry initiatives presented at Smithers Pira conference on Global Food Contact; presentations focus on the harmonization of the European legislation and the mutual understanding of global regulatory frameworks

EDC criteria vote postponed

EU Commission delays vote on draft criteria for identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals, scheduled to be held at the latest meeting of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed

California sets safe level for styrene

State of California adopts No Significant Risk Level for styrene of 27 µg/day under Proposition 65; styrene exposure from polystyrene food packaging assumed to be low, likely requiring no warning label

Case study on different sets of EDC criteria

Industry-sponsored study assesses four natural substances using EU Commission’s different options for criteria to identify endocrine disruptors; highlights need for including potency considerations in EDC criteria

Vote on EDC criteria scheduled

Next meeting of EU Commission and Member States on revised criteria to identify endocrine disrupters to take place on May 17-18, 2017; vote foreseen despite persisting concerns

Using academic studies in regulatory assessment of chemicals

Scientists discuss how to increase use of peer-reviewed studies in regulatory assessments of chemicals; propose ten actions focused on finding relevant information, increasing regulatory usefulness of peer-reviewed studies, engaging in dialogue with stakeholders

FDA denies action on perchlorates in antistatics

U.S. FDA supports industry petition and revokes use of potassium perchlorate in sealing gaskets for food containers; denies action on NGO petition to revoke perchlorate use in antistatic agents in food contact articles

EU plastic FCM regulation amended

European Commission publishes 7th amendment to plastic FCM regulation; inclusion of 6 new substances in Union List; new SML for nickel; food simulants and compliance testing specified; food contact surface area to volume ratio clarified

Updated Swiss FCM regulation enters into force

New Swiss food law including FCM ordinance entered into force May 1, 2017; many CMR-substances deleted from positive list for printing inks