No agreement yet on EDC criteria

EU Commission and Member States continue discussion on EDC criteria; no agreement reached yet; new revised draft and next meeting foreseen

Feasibility of EU chemicals legislation database

ECHA evaluates feasibility of developing a database summarizing EU legislation for individual chemicals; updates on transparency efforts, future goals

Foodwatch: German draft mineral oil ordinance not protective enough

Foodwatch criticizes new draft of German mineral oil ordinance; requests lower SML for MOAH, mandatory functional barriers for all paper and board food packaging, strict limit levels for MOSH and MOAH in food

FPF webinar on Chinese food contact regulation

Learn more about China’s updated legislation on food contact materials and additives with guest speaker from Chinese national reference laboratory for FCMs; registration now open

Public consultation on Swedish nano-registry

Swedish Chemicals Agency held public consultation on proposed register for nanomaterials; nano-industry association advises against Swedish registry and promotes ECHA nano-observatory

Circular economy without hazardous chemicals

Opinion article discusses importance of ingredient transparency for safe consumer products in the circular economy; calls on European Commission to provide effective legal requirements

New draft of German mineral oil ordinance

German authorities publish draft ordinance restricting the migration of mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons; no limit for mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons included

Regulation of nanomaterials in the EU

JRC study reviews EU legislation on nanomaterials; summarizes different sectors with nano-specific provisions, such as plastic FCM regulation; more research needed to address regulatory questions

Member States continue discussion on EDC criteria

DG SANTE publishes latest meeting minutes on revised EDC criteria; no agreement yet among Member States

Taiwan: Guidelines on nanomaterials in food packaging

Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration issues new guidelines for use of nanomaterials in food packaging; safety assessment and pre-market approval required