Microbiome and chemical risk assessment

U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ report outlines research strategy to assess the need for chemical risk assessments to consider interactions between chemicals and microbiota when estimating human health effects

Consultation on EC’s approach to food safety

EU Commission publishes roadmap for “transparency and sustainability of the EU food and feed safety risk assessment model,” aims to increase transparency and involvement of Member States in EFSA’s assessments; public consultation open until January 17, 2018

Genotoxicity evaluation by EFSA

New scientific opinion provides detailed discussion of how EFSA evaluates potential genotoxicity of substances in food and feed risk assessments

Toxic napkins

CHEM Trust revisits issue of paper napkin contamination by primary aromatic amines used in ink production, calls for improved regulation of chemicals in food contact paper and inks

Opinion: FDA fails to ensure food safety

Scientific perspectives article discusses current gaps in assessment and regulation of chemicals in food by U.S. FDA, illustrates problems with perchlorate example, calls for immediate action to protect child health

EFSA publishes final plan for BPA re-assessment

EFSA publishes BPA hazard assessment protocol along with report on public consultation outcomes; collection of studies to start in 2018

Symposium on challenges in risk assessment

BfR, NIFDS, ANSES and DTU host joint international symposium on risk assessment and consumer health protection, November 30-December 1, 2017 in Berlin; registration open until November 24, 2017

Regulating persistent and mobile chemicals

German Environment Agency proposes criteria for persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT) chemicals in the water cycle

Call for more transparent chemical assessments

3 EU Member States request more transparency in industry studies as well as resources for ECHA and EFSA to undertake independent studies in case of inconsistencies

FSANZ: No risk from food packaging chemicals

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) completes assessment of chemical migration from packaging into food, finds exposures ‘low and unlikely to pose a public health and safety concern,’ plans to develop information guide for businesses to support risk management