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Brand & retailer Initiatives Database To help keep track of the global shift towards chemically safe and more resource-conscious food packaging, the Food Packaging Forum has developed a database of voluntary initiatives and commitments by food brands and retailers About the database In an effort to improve the chemical safety and resource efficiency of the food contact materials (FCMs) and articles (FCAs) they use, food brands and retailers from around the world have gone beyond legal requirements by launching hundreds […]

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Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling processes, regulations, market data and safety issues addressed

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Definition, applications, regulation and health hazards of biocides used in/on food contact materials


California to hold virtual workshop on PFAS in food packaging

Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) workshop on August 31, 2020 to receive public input on identifying plant-fiber based food packaging as priority product; report with product-chemical profile published and open for public comment until September 13, 2020

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Common contaminants

Common contaminants from printing inks

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UV filters in food packaging

UV filters are added to food packaging in order to protect the food packaging from degradation, as well as the food contained within from harmful UV light. UV filters may migrate into food stuff. They have been associated with endocrine activity, cancer and contact sensitization.

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The application of engineered nanomaterials in food contact materials is considered promising tool to improve functionality, but knowledge about exposure and toxicity remains limited. The Food Packaging Forum reviews applications, exposure, toxicity and regulation of nanomaterials.