In collaboration with scientific experts, we work to enhance basic understanding of scientific principles and recent scientific findings that are relevant to the topic of food contact chemicals and their health impacts on humans and the environment.

The Food Packaging Forum (FPF) communicates high-quality scientific information, is balanced, and is independent. By providing the facts on food contact chemicals and their impacts on health,  FPF enables stakeholders to find solutions based on interdisciplinary and current scientific knowledge. FPF is a forum for critical thinking about the chemical composition of food contact materials and articles, migration, and chronic exposure to mixtures of food contact chemicals at low levels. Packaging waste, recycling, reuse and related chemical contamination, as well as chemical pollution, are additional areas of interest at FPF.

FPF addresses all its stakeholders: business decision makers, regulators, civil society experts, media and communication experts, and scientists. For the general public, FPF has created a fact sheet about chemical migration from food contact articles that is available in 18 languages.

The Food Packaging Forum enables stakeholder dialogue on the issue of chemical safety of food contact materials and articles.

The Food Packaging Forum is a charitable foundation under Swiss law, however, it is not a grant-making foundation and therefore does not support external projects financially.