Vanessa started out her scientific career in the Biochemistry Bachelor Program at Heidelberg’s Ruprecht Karl’s University with a focus on organic chemistry and pharmacology. During an Erasmus exchange at Lund’s Technical University (LTH), Sweden, she got inspired to continue her education in a more industrially applied context and enrolled in the University’s international Master’s program in Biotechnology. She completed her Master’s thesis on research focused on the enzymatic synthesis of a polyester used in biomedicine. There she worked to identify how to more efficiently react glycolic acid and activated esters in order to produce polyglycolic acid. Following her studies, she completed a 10-month traineeship at Nestlé’s Institute of Packaging Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland to deepen her expertise in the degradation of polymers. Vanessa started her role as a Scientific Communication Trainee at the Food Packaging Forum in November 2020 where she supports daily communication activities in addition to ongoing research projects.