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About this Webinar

On November 19, 2021, from 16:00 to 17:00 CET, the Food Packaging Forum held a webinar titled “Is current phthalate regulation fit for purpose?” Featuring expert speakers, the event provided an overview of and discussions about the latest science on the human health impacts of phthalates. Three key questions were addressed: (i) What is the most recent scientific evidence for human health impacts of phthalates? (ii) What are the healthcare costs of chronic phthalate exposure? (iii) Are currently set regulatory exposure limits sufficiently protective of human health?

We were delighted to welcome the following speakers:

A recent study led by Dr. Maffini has found that phthalate exposure levels currently set by regulators as ‘safe’ may not protect human health (FPF reported). Prof. Trasande has also published a study estimating the health costs of phthalate exposures (FPF reported), and Dr. Eales and Prof. Galloway released a study systematically reviewing the human health effects of phthalates (FPF reported). Each speaker presented the findings and potential policy implications of their new studies as well as answered questions from the audience.


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