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08:00 - 16:45

The 2018 annual Food Packaging Forum (FPF) Workshop features high profile speakers and offers an ideal platform for exchanging views with different stakeholders in the field of food contact materials (FCMs). The FPF will also provide access to a live webcast of this year’s workshop for a minimal registration fee. Participants who cannot attend the workshop in person, thus still have the opportunity to follow the speaker presentations, Q&As, and the podium discussion. Register now for the live webcast of this one-of-a-kind event in the FCMs world to learn about recent developments in science, business, advocacy, and regulation! Please register before September 27, 2018 – availability of webcast access is limited. If you have any questions regarding the FPF Workshop Webcast, do not hesitate to contact us at

The webcast will be accessible using Skype for Business via your web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

08:00Registration and coffee
Morning session
Chair: Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer
09:00Welcome and introduction
Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer, Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland
09:05A vision for safer food contact articles – Work of the FPF Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Ksenia Groh, Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland
09:30Migration, toxicity and non-targeted analysis
Dr. Martin Wagner, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
10:00Coffee break
10:30Does predictive toxicology live up to its promise?
Prof. Dr. Bruce Blumberg, University of California, Irvine, USA
11:00New computational methodologies as enablers of safer food contact articles
Dr. Olivier Vitrac, INRA, France
11:30Designing chemistry for sustainability
Prof. Dr. Terry Collins, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
12:00Lunch break
Afternoon session
Chair: Prof. Dr. Pete Myers
13:00Predictive chemistry and NIAS: Harnessing AI and machine learning to improve FCM safety
speaker invited
Podium: Digital opportunities for FCM safety
13:30Non-targeted chemical analysis for NIAS
Dr. Sander Koster, Nestlé, Switzerland
13:45Digital tools for supply chain communication
Sonja Eijpe, Viaware, the Netherlands
14:00Advancing risk assessment at EFSA using in silico tools
speaker invited
14:15Making consumers’ voices heard
Dr. Pelle Moos, The European Consumer Organisation, Belgium
14:30A retailer's perspective on managing hazardous chemicals
speaker invited
14:45Coffee break
15:15Podium and discussion
Moderated by Dr. Jane Muncke, Food Packaging Forum Foundation, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Pete Myers and Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer