In an article published on November 7, 2016 the European polyethylene terephthalate (PET) industry association Petcore Europe presents the main conclusions of the report “PET Recycling in Europe 2015” prepared by industry consultancy PCI Wood Mackenzie. According to the report, over 1.8 million metric tons of PET bottles were collected and recycled in Europe in 2015, indicating an increase of 5% compared to the collection and recycling volumes of 2014 (FPF reported). This corresponds to a collection rate of nearly 59% in 2015, which is an increase of 2% compared to the collection rate of 2014. Helen McGeough, senior consultant at PCI Wood Mackenzie, noted that “clear bottles accounted for less than 15% of the stream, continuing the downward trend for clear bales in the total share of the available stream and highlighting the need for greater expenditure in sorting activities.” She further explained that “the process loss rate is on an upward trend, this rising rate equates to a mounting cost to the industry and backs the calls by the industry for improved collection within the Circular Economy proposals.” The report concludes that by 2020 the collection and recycling volumes will exceed 2 million metric tons and the average collection rate is expected to be greater 60%.

The results of the report will be discussed at the Petcore Europe conference 2017 themed “PET 2020 – The future of the PET industry.” The event will take place on February 1, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, and registration is now open.

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