In March 2019, the southeast Asia region of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI SEA) announced their upcoming “Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging: Innovation, Safety and Sustainability.” The event will take place in Penang, Malaysia on September 24-25, 2019 and will “serve as a regional forum for sharing scientific updates, technological innovations and advancement, to addressing safety, environmental and sustainability concerns while exploring the emerging trends of interest and relevance to all stakeholders.”

Objectives of the two-day symposium are described as:

  1. “Share emerging trend and development of food packaging technologies and products
  2. Discuss issues related to food packaging safety and methodologies on safety assessment of food chemicals and food contact materials
  3. Highlight practices and concerns of packaging material and their impact on the environment
  4. Provide updates on scientific measures and regulatory framework & status of food contact material in different regions and countries in [southeast] Asia
  5. Facilitate discussion on multi-stakeholders’ collaboration and effective risk-benefit communication”

More information will be posted on the ILSI SEA events page in the future. For this and other upcoming events in the field of food packaging and health, check out the Food Packaging Forum’s calendar of upcoming events.

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ILSI SEA (March 2019). “Symposium on Scientific Development of Food Packaging: Innovation, Safety and Sustainability.