From 17-18 December 2020, the EU Directorate General for the Environment (DG ENV) organized its Second Annual Forum on Endocrine Disruptors.

The second forum aimed to “present the actions on endocrine disruptors in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability as well as the conclusions and recommendations of the JRC-led Fitness Check, published as an annex to this Strategy, on which the actions are based.”

The program for the forum included presentations from researchers, panel discussions, news on advanced test methods, as well as updates on the Human Biomonitoring for Europe project (HBM4EU). In addition, the European Commission (EC) and agency working groups reported on ongoing activities related to EDCs. Several civil society organizations and academia shared their progress on developing new testing and screening methods.

In the concluding remarks, Cristina de Avila, Head of the Sustainable Chemicals Unit in DG ENV, summarized: “We need to have science-based hazard criteria in the CLP legislation, as we have promised in the Chemicals Strategy, and we need action to regulate chemicals in consumer products, to obtain a high level of protection, in particular for consumers. So I think the jury is not only out, but the verdict has been given, and it is in the form of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.”

The annual forum on endocrine disruptors was originally initiated to bring together all stakeholders interested in endocrine disruptors. The First Annual Forum took place on 8 November 2019 (FPF reported).

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