On December 5, 2013 the German Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) held a hearing on the 2nd draft ordinance on mineral oils, which was published May 15, 2013. While the BMELV expressed hopes that mineral oils and printing inks will be regulated at the European level, action by the European Commission is currently not expected. The German advance was criticized by the German industry association of paper processers Wirtschaftsverbände Papierverarbeitung e.V (WPV), which argued that the new ordinance may harm the paper and board, as well as the entire food packaging industry. The 2nd draft ordinance would prohibit any measurable migration of mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) into food. Based on the stable proportion of MOAH to mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH), the migration of MOSH would thereby be regulated indirectly. The approach takes into account the analytical difficulties when separating MOSH and polyolefin oligomeric saturated hydrocarbons (POSH). An alternative approach would be to evaluate the appropriateness of recycled paper and board materials for food contact. This approach would avoid the problematic analysis of MOSH and MOAH in the food matrix. The BMELV did not publish a schedule for the further advance of the ordinance, but a 3rd draft is to be expected.

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BMELV (May 16, 2013). "Entwurf einer Zweiundzwanzigsten Verordnung zur Änderung der Bedarfsgegenständeverordnung (BedGgstV)."