According to an article published the industry news provider Food Production Daily on February 6, 2014, the adhesive manufacturer Henkel held a webinar discussing the relationship between hazard and exposure on the same day. Whereas hazard refers to the toxicological characteristics of a chemical, exposure is determined by the chemical quantities consumed. Monika Tönnieβen, the webinar’s host, stressed that communication among the supply chain is very important to ensure high quality risk assessment. While the material flow occurs only in the downstream direction, information has to be distributed both up- and downstream. In order to assure that marketed products do not exceed migration limits, it is necessary to evaluate raw materials, adhesives, possibly migrating substances and the final adhesive in the end packaging. Tönnieβen points out that while adhesives are not specifically regulated under European Union legislation, food contact materials may not endanger human health (EC 1935/2004) and food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe (EC 178/2002). Based on the article by Food Production Daily, Tönnieβen did not address the problem of predicting safe exposure levels when considering non-monotonic dose response curves, mixtures or low-dose effects.

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