In an article published March 19, 2014 Lorna Rodriguez, journalist for the Times Standard, reports that the Arcata City Council considers a draft ordinance that would phase out plastic foam containers. A staff report argued that the purpose of the ordinance is to protect the environment and public health. Styrofoam has been of concern because of visible littering and its persistence in the environment. 80 other California jurisdictions have already adopted ordinances banning plastic foam to some extent. The proposed ban would not apply to bakery and deli items prepackaged outside the store, raw eggs, ready to cook items, raw meat, uncooked or instant foods, fruits and vegetables delivered to stores in the packaging; unprepared fresh fruits and vegetables packaged in the store that are for sale in unit; meats smoked, cooked or prepared and packaged outside of the store; and beverages packaged outside the store.

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Lorna Rodriguez (March 19, 2014). “Arcata City Council considers plastic foam ban; staff strive to make city more green.Times Standard.