In an article published on October 21, 2020, news provider Beverage Daily reported on the development of a new biodegradable bottle for use by spirits manufacturer Bacardi. The bottles will be made from medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) known as Nodax PHA, which have been developed by Danimer Scientific. The material is reported to be able to biodegrade within 18 months in a range of environmental compartments including home compost, soil, freshwater and seawater. The material will also be used to replace currently existing non-biodegradable plastics used as plastic liners in metal closures across the company’s product range.

While the drinks manufacturer primarily relies on glass bottles with less than 1% of its waste stemming from plastic, it has still decided to prioritize the switch for its plastic containers. A spokesperson from the company commented that “it is more expensive to produce these biopolymers bottles, though as economies of scale are reached and use of the technology increases, costs will be reduced. Any additional cost will be absorbed by Bacardi as we believe strongly in doing the right thing for the planet.” The new bottles will be first launched across its US market by 2023, and it will then implement the material change globally across the company’s 200 brands.

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