On September 29, 2017, the German Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) published minutes of the 18th meeting of its “Kommission für Bedarfsgegenstände” (BeKo). Sixteen honorary and independent experts met on April 26, 2017 and discussed German and European regulatory developments concerning consumer goods and food contact materials and articles (FCMs and FCAs) as well as migration issues related to silicones and aluminum. BeKo further reviewed novel substances to be recommended by the BfR as being suitable for food contact.

A representative of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) informed about the current status of the German printing ink ordinance which was notified to the European Commission (EC) in 2016 (FPF reported) and the latest draft of the German mineral oil ordinance (FPF reported). Additionally, EC’s ongoing work on the evaluation of the FCM legislation, including the regulations on printing inks and BPA, and the monitoring of mineral oils (FPF reported) was summarized.

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BfR (September 29, 2017). “18. Sitzung der BfR-Kommission für Bedarfsgegenstände. Ergebnisprotokoll vom 26. April 2017.(pdf; in German)