In an article published on May 7, 2019, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch informed that a chemicals management bill in Brazil is now under review. An earlier report described the bill as having been cancelled “until further notice,” however new information now reports otherwise. A meeting between the Brazilian chemical industry association Abiquim and the Brazilian Secretary of Environmental Quality took place on April 16, 2019. Fernando Tibau from Abiquim told Chemical Watch that during the meeting the industry association “highlighted the importance of the draft bill for the industry and for the country, especially because it can answer some of the OECD [Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development] accession requirements.”

If the bill were to pass the Brazilian congress, it would result in creation of a national register for chemicals as well as technical committees for reviewing substances and enacting regulations. Currently a potential timeline for review and passing of the bill is unclear as “the high priority for the new government right now is the Social Security Reform.”

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