On September 26, 2013 the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), U.S. released the Informational Candidate Chemical List containing 1 200 chemicals, which may be identified as Chemicals of Concern. Further, the department published an Informational ‘Initial’ Candidate Chemicals List, containing a subset of 150 substances of the 1 200 Candidate Chemicals. These substances will be considered first by the DTSC when selecting Priority Products for alternatives assessment due on April 1, 2014. None of the chemicals currently listed is a Chemicals of Concern. A chemical will only become Chemicals of Concern under Californian law if it is being listed as a Priority Product. The current lists are meant to inform industry and to prevent the replacement of one Candidate Chemical with another. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) highlighted in a response published September 26, 2013 that the chemicals currently listed do not necessary pose a risk of harm to consumers but that they will simply receive further analysis by the California DTSC.

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