The civil society organization CHEM Trust has developed a new resources webpage dedicated to providing an overview of scientific and policy discussions surrounding chemical mixtures. The page references recent research projects investigating human and environmental exposures to mixtures as well as a number of EU regulatory initiatives recognizing the resulting risks. The organization argues that “concern around mixture effects of chemicals is not new, but sufficient political action has not been taken.” It provides a summary of regulatory reviews and policy calls made within the Joint Research Centre of the EU Commission (JRC) and by European environment ministers. The launch of the EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (FPF reported) is further highlighted along with ongoing discussions surrounding the development of a mixture assessment factor (FPF reported) and other measures to consider combination effects from chemicals in regulations relating to various product categories, including food packaging.

CHEM Trust further provides an overview of resources it has developed and contributions it has made over the years to support policy processes on the issue. Looking ahead, it identifies further actions needed, including (i) creation of an overarching framework to consider mixtures across EU legislation, (ii) moving away from single substance risk assessment, and (iii) implementation of an additional assessment factor to consider chemical mixtures.

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CHEM Trust (February 2021). “Chemical mixtures.”