On August 2, 2017 the Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) published its second annual report. The aim of CFP is to transform global chemical use by measuring and disclosing data on businesses’ progress in moving towards safer chemicals (FPF reported). The 2017 annual report summarizes the outcomes and key findings from the 2016 CFP survey. The annually conducted CFP surveys evaluate the participating companies and their chemical management policies regarding four key pillars: 1) Management strategy, 2) chemical inventory, 3) footprint measurement, and 4) disclosure and verification. The latest survey involved 24 companies and revealed that i) chemical footprinting is becoming relevant among companies of different sectors and sizes, ii) companies are quantitatively measuring their chemical footprint in metric tons of chemicals of high concern used and reduced over time, iii) data are now available to investors, purchasers, brands, and manufacturers for benchmarking and gap analysis, and iv) clear steps can be identified to achieve environmentally sound chemicals management.

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