In an article published on June 16, 2020, non-governmental organization ChemSec announced the launch of its new ranking of the world’s top 35 chemical producers that evaluates their efforts to reduce their chemical footprint. Named ChemScore, the ranking uses publicly available information describing the products and operations of the largest 35 producers by 2018 revenue. It reviews hazardous chemicals included in the companies’ product portfolios, the strategies they use to design and market safer products, the transparency of their product ingredients and public commitments to phase out certain substances, and their history of accidents and controversies.

“The main goal of ChemScore is to show investors the best and the worst performers in the industry, and drive them towards investing in frontrunners and divesting in laggards,” said Anne-Sofie Bäckar, Executive Director at ChemSec. The current frontrunners in this year’s evaluation include DSM and Indorama Ventures with scores of B and B-. Lower performers include Dow, Dupont, Sabic, and Solvay with scores of D+. Pharmaceuticals are considered a different investment category and outside the scope of the ranking. However, agrochemical producers are planned to be included in future updates of ChemScore.

The list of producers and their scores are freely available, however, access to the full scorecards with detailed descriptions of the evaluation by criteria requires purchasing a subscription. As a sample, DSM’s report and detailed scorecard are freely available to view.

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