On August 24, 2021, news provider ChemLinked reported that China’s National Center for Food Safety and Risk Assessment (CFSA) is seeking comments on the new or expanded usage of 11 chemical additives in food contact materials (FCMs). Of the new substances two are resins, and five are used in other food contact applications. 

Two of the substances, hydroxyethyl cellulose (CAS 9004-62-0) and triallyl isocyanurate (CAS 1025-25-6), are included in the Food Packaging Forum’s food contact chemicals database (FCCdb) as substances of potential concern. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a putative endocrine disrupting chemical and triallyl isocyanurate is predicted to be hazardous for human and environmental health. Five other substances up for comment are also included in the FCCdb but were not known or suspected hazards at the time of publication.  

The remaining four substances are: (i) Copolymer of acrylic acid, styrene, acrylic acid ethyl ester, acrylic acid 2-ethylhexylester, methacrylic acid methyl ester (CAS 25585-76-6) for use as a resin; (ii) Polymer of cyclohexanedimethanol-1,4, ethylene glycol,2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol, isophthalic acid, dimethyl terephthalate and trimellitic anhydride (CAS 74239-60-4) as a resin; (iii) 1-Decene, homopolymer, hydrogeneated (CAS 68037-01-4) to use in painting and coating, and (iv) Vitamin E (CAS 7695-91-2) for use in polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.  

Comments are accepted until September 10, 2021.  


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