In an article published on July 23, 2019, news provider Plastics News reported that beverage companies Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are no longer planning to be members of the Plastics Industry Association. The original announcement came from a press release published by non-governmental organization Greenpeace, which received the update directly from both beverage producers. “The Coca-Cola Co. is no longer a member of the Plastics Industry Association,” the company is reported to have said. “We withdrew earlier this year as a result of positions the organization was taking that were not fully consistent with our commitments and goals.” PepsiCo stated that they “do not participate in the policy advocacy work of the association or its subsidiaries, and our membership will conclude at the end of this year.” Other companies previously reported to have left the association include medical device manufacturer Becton, Dickinson & Co. and consumer products manufacturer Clorox Co.

Greenpeace sees this as a victory following advocacy work to convince the companies to change their actions on packaging and not support an industry association that leads “secretive lobbying against plastic bans.” Greenpeace reports that 15 states in the U.S. have already created laws that prevent local governments from introducing taxes or bans on plastic packaging. For environmental groups, this is seen as problematic and a main driving force behind recent campaigning. John Hocevar from Greenpeace USA commented “companies understand that they cannot publicly say they want to end plastic pollution, while financially supporting an association that lobbies for our continued reliance on throwaway plastics.” Consumer products multinational SC Johnson is also reported to have previously “indicated differences with the plastics association over policy on bans.”

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