Coca-Cola has announced the creation of its first prototype paper beverage bottle. Industry news provider Beverage Daily reported in an article on October 29, 2020, that the new bottle’s shell is entirely paper, but it still relies on a recyclable plastic liner and cap to contain the liquid. However, the beverage manufacturer says that this is just the first prototype towards achieving a plastic-free paper bottle in the future. Coca-Cola is developing the bottle within a wider consortium of beverage and consumer product companies including the Carlsberg Group, The Absolut Company, and L’Oréal (FPF reported).

A spokesperson commented that “the bottle has a plastic liner and a plastic closure, and we are currently testing its physical qualities and properties. This bottle being a prototype, we do not expect to introduce it widely, although we will test it in limited trials as a stepping stone to learn more.” Looking ahead, the representative said that their “clear next step is to find a solution to replace the plastic liner, and this is really where the pioneer community shows its strength.” A short video was released showing the bottle’s form.

Within a separate consortium, Diageo, PepsiCo, Unilever are also working towards creating a plastic-free paper bottle. The group reported in July 2020 that it now has a prototype achieving this, and this new bottle will be released publicly in Jonnie Walker brand whisky in early 2021 (FPF reported).

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