In March 2017 the Danish Ministry for the Environment and Food published the report of the conference entitled “Towards a non-toxic future.” The conference was held on November 24, 2016 in Ringstedt, Denmark (FPF reported). The aim of the conference was to gather different experts and stakeholders to help develop policy recommendations for the European Commission’s “non-toxic environment strategy” that will set the agenda for regulating chemicals after 2020. A series of workshops were held focusing on four specific topics: 1) Endocrine disruptors, 2) chemicals mixtures, 3) substances in articles and imported products, and 4) processing contaminants in the food industry. The conference report summarizes the key messages developed during the workshops. General messages of the conference include:

1) Consumers should not have to worry about chemicals in everyday products. Therefore, communication with consumers, as well as up and down the supply chain needs to be improved.
2) Existing EU chemicals legislation (i.e. REACH and CLP regulations) provide baseline protection and their implementation and enforcement must be a priority.
3) The magnitude of the risk posed by chemicals to human health and the environment must be recognized.

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Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark (2017). “Towards a non-toxic future – Report from the conference.(pdf)