On March 15, 2019, non-governmental organization ChemSec published an article reporting that Danish retailer Coop has “informed its suppliers that all purchases of cosmetic products containing PFAS will be stopped immediately.” In a press release, Coop Denmark spokesperson Malene Teller Blume said “it is on the basis of a precautionary principle that we now prohibit PFAS in all cosmetics and care products including existing branded products. We have a great focus on protecting our customers from exposure to chemical substances that can contribute to a harmful cocktail effect. By taking the lead, we hope that the entire international beauty industry can be encouraged to find better alternatives.”

Coop Denmark has previously led initiatives to ban or restrict other consumer products containing PFAS (FPF reported), including food packaging such as microwaveable popcorn (FPF reported). Ms. Teller Blume was a speaker at last year’s Food Packaging Forum workshop and presented on many of Coop Denmark’s previous efforts.

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