In a press release published on August 21, 2019, the Danish National Research Center for the Working Environment (NFA) announced the launch of an online portal focused on providing information related to assessing and monitoring the risk of nanomaterials and nano-containing products. Known as the “Nano-Risk Governance Portal,” the platform was developed through the caLIBRAte research project funded by the EU and is set to launch on October 10, 2019. The platform will target occupational health and safety units within institutions and companies that develop, produce, or use technical nanomaterials. An article published by Chemical Watch describes the portal as including tools for screening potential new risks, identifying nanomaterials, performing qualitative and quantitative risk assessment and management, and monitoring, managing, and guiding related risks. A free online tool to support registering nanomaterials was also released by the Nordic Council in May 2019.


NFA (August 21, 2019). “Kursus i ny portal til risikoledelse af nanomaterialer.”(in Danish)

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Chemical Watch (August 27, 2019). “Denmark to open portal on nanomaterial risk assessment.”