On August 9, 2014 the Journal Reproductive Toxicology published a letter to the editor authored by three scientists from the University Hospital of Cologne, Germany and Oulo University, Finland. The letter titled “Everybody’s plastic”: So what? refers to a review paper on BPA’s toxicity (previously reported on by the FPF) and asks for broader research on the numerous untested plastic compounds. In an answer to this letter, Johanna R. Rochester, author of the review paper on BPA and scientist at The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, strongly supports this request. She points out that thousands of toxicological studies exist also for other chemicals (e.g. phthalates, polyfluorinated compounds and antimicrobials) that indicate endocrine disrupting effects as well as adverse impacts on neuroendocrine, immune, thyroid, and other systems. Rochester also lists further topics that might be of relevance for future toxicological research. She stresses the need for evaluating the replacement chemicals used in products and, finally, focusses on the constant exposure to chemical mixtures released from plastics.


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