On June 25, 2015 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced that their Biocidal Products Committee (BPC) adopted 11 opinions for active substances for use in biocidal products used as antifouling, disinfectants and preservatives. The opinion included six approvals of active substances and five non-approvals. Biphenyl-2-ol (CAS 90-43-7) was approved for applications in product-types “Food and feed area” (PT 4) and “Preservatives for products during storage” (PT 6). Biphenyl-2-ol is also used in food contact materials (FCMs) and is a potential endocrine disruptor. Triclosan (CAS 3380-34-5) was disapproved for product-type “Human hygiene”. Triclosan is used in FCMs as well and also has endocrine disrupting properties. BPC confirmed that triclosan is a candidate for substitution because it is toxic and very bioaccumulative.

Further, ECHA announced that they have updated the Registry for Biocidal Products (R4BP). The new version of R4BP has new functionalities to help both industry and authorities meet their obligations and tasks.

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ECHA (June 25, 2015). “New version of the Registry for Biocidal Products (R4BP 3.3) is now available.

ECAH (June 25, 2015). “The Biocidal Products Committee adopts 11 opinions.