In an article published on March 23, 2017 the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) informed that it has published information on about 15,000 chemicals registered under the Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). The information includes the chemicals’ physical-chemical properties, environmental fate and pathways, as well as ecotoxicology and toxicological data. The data was provided by companies making or importing the substances and who have registered them with ECHA. The agency noted that the publication of the date respects the companies’ ownership rights and that the published material “does not include the data companies have claimed confidential in their registrations” (corresponding to a limited amount of data for ca. 2% of registration dossiers).

The collection of data is available for download as a single IUCLID 6 database. The data is also available on ECHA’s website, where it can only be viewed one substance at a time. The IUCLID 6 database allows for reading and comparing the data in bulk. The data can be used by “researchers, regulatory authorities and businesses . . . to improve the safe use of chemicals, enable innovation and help avoid the unnecessary testing of chemicals on animals,” ECHA explained. However, ECHA reminded users that “the data derives from REACH registration dossiers, and as such there are no guarantees/warranties pertaining to its quality and fitness for purpose.”

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