In an article published on September 3, 2018, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) informed that it has granted registration numbers for 32,515 dossiers that have been submitted by the final REACH registration deadline on May 31, 2018 (chemical production volume 1 to 100 metric tons per year). These completed registrations correspond to 10,708 substances of which 7,462 were registered for the first time by the 2018 deadline. In total, ECHA received 33,363 dossiers by the final registration deadline. The remaining dossiers, that have not yet received registration numbers, “lack information” and need to be updated by the applicant companies, ECHA explained. About 1% of the submitted REACH 2018 dossiers were rejected and the pending cases are expected to be resolved by May 2019.

Further, ECHA announced that “[t]he non-confidential data of 99.7% of all completed registrations has already been published on ECHA’s website.”

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