In a press release published on March 11, 2020, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced that it has launched a new online service providing an overview of 40 different pieces of EU chemicals legislation. Known as the European Union Chemicals Legislation Finder (EUCLEF), the new tool allows users to freely search for chemicals by name or identity number to determine which EU chemicals legislations are applicable to each substance. The current version of the tool covers legislation relevant to “air and water quality, worker protection, pesticides, food contact materials, cosmetic products, [and] toy safety,” among others. In 2021, ECHA plans for the tool to be expanded to cover an additional 16 pieces of legislation.

ECHA’s director Bjorn Hansen said “EUCLEF will be really helpful for companies, especially SMEs, who need to track their obligations across different EU laws. Small businesses are the backbone of Europe’s chemicals industry. EUCLEF will help them save time and money and to focus on what really matters, innovating and growing their business while safeguarding our health and the environment.”

A video tutorial on using the tool has been published, as well as the creation of a dedicated support service to answer questions.

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