In an article published on January 21, 2019, news provider Chemical Watch informs about new EU Ecolabel criteria that have come into effect for graphic and tissue paper products. The decision prohibits such Ecolabel products from containing substances of very high concern (SVHCs) as well as a set of other chemicals, including metal-based pigments and dyes. Tissue products defined within the decision include kitchen or household towels as well as table napkins.

During a transition period, product manufacturers will be able to submit applications for the Ecolabel under both the old and new criteria. However, products carrying the label using the old criteria will not be permitted to do so after 2019.

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Chemical Watch (January 21, 2019). “Ecolabel rules on hazardous chemicals in paper enter into force.”

European Commission (January 11, 2019). “Commission Decision (EU) 2019/70 of 11 January 2019 establishing the EU Ecolabel criteria for graphic paper and the EU Ecolabel criteria for tissue paper and tissue products.” (pdf)